meter: [mee-ter] Any of various devices designed to measure time, distance, speed, or intensity or indicate and record or regulate the amount or volume, as of the flow of a gas or an electric current.

autonomy:-[ɔːˈtɒnəmi/] independence or freedom, as of the will or one's actions

Metronomy Pte Ltd is an Aeco Pacific Company . Aeco Pacific has been operating in technology and energy markets in Asia/Pacific since 2001.

Aeco Pacific

Metronomy has been created with a simple vision of providing  innovate energy management services that benefit business. Metronomy provides a solution marketplace independent of the physical meter and electricity retailer across Australia, Singapore and Asia.

Metronomy's goal is to provide innovative energy management and services driven from the data provided by advanced smart meters.



Metronomy Pte Ltd
3 Fraser Street #08-21 Duo Tower Singapore 189352
T: +65 6828 1609
F: +65 6828 1401
Metronomy Australia
Aeco Pacific S.A. Pty Ltd
1b/87 Webster Road
Stafford, Qld. 4053
T: +61 7 3352 4509